Local org defends hunger strike accounts at Karnes

Members of the Interfaith Welcoming Coalition met at First Presbyterian Church downtown Thursday, in solidarity with women on hunger strikes at the Karnes County Residential Center. They said they have been there and have seen it first hand, even though Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, told Eyewitness News there were no hunger strikes going on at the center. "They were doing the ...
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Community Rallies to #EndKarnes

Several groups, including members of the IWC, gathered together to protest Family Detention. Karnes Detention Facility is one of 3 family detention centers in the United States. Run by for-profit corporation GEO, Inc., Karnes has been the site of multiple and repeated abuses against women and children. We demand the end to Karnes Detention Center.
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Seeking Asylum: Honduran now wading through a legal morass

Read the full story on the ExpresNews: Honduran now wading through a legal morass By Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje January 17, 2015 Updated: January 19, 2015 12:43am Alejandra's eyes well up with tears as she recalls seeing a 14 year-old boy dragged out of a cartel house with a rope around his neck after being killed. The 20 year-old Alejandra and her 2 year-old son Steven, immigrants from Hon...
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Holiday help for families with uncertain future

SAN ANTONIO - A coalition of local churches comes together to make this an easier Christmas for immigrants. About a dozen families released from the immigrant detention facility in Karnes County arrived at a bus station in San Antonio where they'll wait for their immigration hearings.But there to greet them were people from the Coalition with Backpacks to hand out Christmas gifts to detainees. ...
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